Before I talk about what Right Action is, I’ll tell you what it’s not. Right Action is not careless or unthoughtful behavior. It is not casting about in the dark, asking ‘who am I and what do I want.’ It is not inconsistent, unpredictable, or impulsive. Right Action is the opposite of these things. So, what is Right Action? Simply, Right Action is mindfully choosing your behaviors and setting your goals based solely on your core values. In the tradition of acknowledging the Journey as the Destination, the goal of Right Action is not a specific endpoint or a place, but rather a way being.


The practice of Right Action requires that you know yourself and are aware of and mindfully in service of your core values. This is what I call being Core-Connected. Knowing your core values is akin to possessing a special map. This core-map provides a lay of the land and a clear guide to where you want to go AND what you want to avoid. Imagine trying to navigate life without any sense of where you are and where you want to go.


The goal of Right Action is to align with your values and goals. In this, each and every action you perform, each decision you make is informed by and in the service of your chosen path. With this in mind, it should become clear that Right Action is not a specific or pre-defined set of activities or behaviors. In fact, by definition Right Action for you will be different than every other person because the actions involved are tied directly to your identified core values.


As you can see, Right Action is dependent on Core Values. One cannot practice Right Action without knowledge of one’s Core Values. Importantly, Right Action is no guarantee of instant happiness or bliss. In fact, you may find yourself doing things you find burdensome or scary. The payoff for Right Action is not in the moment. Most often, the payoff of Right Action is in the long term. After several weeks, months, or even years, you are able to review the path you have walked and will have pride and contentment over your actions. At that time, you can say without any question ‘I have no regrets.’