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About – People Can’t Change

“People can’t change!”…I disagree

My experience has proven that people are not only capable of change, but do so all the time. Some folks are motivated only by hitting rock bottom, while others seem to know when to say when. Whatever the case, meaningful personal change occurs on an individual’s own unique schedule and only when they truly want something different than what they have today. 

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About – Mastering Life

Mastering life can be hard.

For me, learning life was slow and often painful. School was easy, but life lessons?… Well, with each positive change there was a struggle. I was the kind that touched the stove burner more than once (just to be extra sure)…and that person who climbed the branch just a little too far out. Happily, these struggles eased as my life experience grew. More importantly, because of my experiences, I can help you create shortcuts to the life you want. 

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About – Years of Practice

Years of practice taught me well.

I now understand more of what matters most in this life—which is to be real about yourself. Meaningful satisfaction in life comes from a comprehensive understanding of three things; who you are now, what you value most, and where you want to be. Clear and honest identification of these truths can lead to real self-improvement, enabling integrity, happiness, and accomplishment.

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Your guide to life

People matter most.

Early on I chose people as my career. To help. To mentor. To guide. In my twenties, I served as a wilderness guide and therapist for at-risk youth in the West. This experience fueled my passion, inspiring me to complete a Ph.D. and work as a psychologist for many years. Over my career, I have helped folks find their way both literally and metaphorically. Now, my passion lies in serving as a guide in my role as a Life Coach – helping people identify and live the life they want.

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About – Your personal guide

Your personal guide to life.

In the wilderness, a map and compass can help guide your way. Life, however, is more complex. It doesn’t come with a manual—no handy tools to keep you on track. That’s where I come in as your guiding life coach. I’ll help you explore and navigate your unique world to discover your true north. Once oriented, we’ll work together to help you stay aligned until you become the person you want to be, or as I say, until you Go Yonder.