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Perhaps you ‘have it all’ but remain unhappy. Or, maybe you are doing ‘okay’ but still feel as if something is missing – asking ‘Is this the life I want?’ Though you’ve shown drive and motivation, trying your best, you are stuck.

Go beyond your roadblocks.

Sometimes you need help identifying barriers that you can’t even see. I will help you explore and remove the barriers that are holding you back.

How it Works

Make the changes necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve your definition of success.

Free Consultation

It begins with a free 20 minute consultation. We’ll use this time to get to know each other, decide if we’re a good fit, and discuss what’s got you stuck.

Video Sessions

My clients and I find video sessions to be as successful as in-person meetings, with the added flexibility of meeting when and where it’s convenient for you.

Personalized Map

Together we will identify your unique steps for success. We’ll pinpoint where you are now, where you want to be tomorrow, and ways to get there.

I can help get you there.

Starting out as a wilderness therapist for at-risk youth in the mid-nineties, I discovered my true passion for helping others. Following this passion, I sought advanced training, obtaining a master’s degree and later a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in clinical psychology. Overall, I have been helping people find their path for nearly 25 years. My unique life experience and specialized clinical training strongly qualify me to be your life coach. In this role, I will use all of my experience and technical knowledge to help you find the path to the life you want.

Barriers stand in your way toward progress.

Walking a path that aligns with your personal values can be hard. Barriers present themselves in a multitude of ways. For example doubt: if you doubt that you can be different than you are now, that is a barrier. Other obstacles on your path may include low motivation, lack of ideas, poor support, and on, and on.

Outside of you, you will find resistance in the status quo. Your environment, your friends, or your family will push back when you begin to change. Change is hard, but it is easier if you recognize and plan for the inevitable barriers.

You have value, you just can’t find your way.

Life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. Perhaps you feel stuck and are going through the motions. You may even be lost. Whatever the cause, you are not satisfied. Even your achievements and the things you wanted don’t bring you happiness.

Maybe you jump from one thing to the next. You may know where you want to be, but for some reason you can’t get there. You are trying to find yourself. You need ideas. You need some guidance.

Values are fundamental beliefs about the world.

People can seek happiness in a moment to moment fashion, doing what feels good. But happiness is transient and a poor measure of what makes a person whole. Doing things just because they feel good doesn’t lead to ultimate satisfaction or deep contentment.

Only when you identify what matters most and align your life with these values will you experience lasting change. Until you identify and then commit to live by your core values, you will always feel something is missing.


Steps for success

Practical techniques to help you overcome obstacles and improve your life.


Step 1

Reality Check

An honest assessment of where you are today is the first step in progressing toward where you want to be tomorrow.
Assessing where you are >


Step 2

Find Your True North

Together we will identify your core values, the key to making changes in your life.
Importance of core values >


Step 3

Right Action

We will identify activities that help you navigate toward your goals and discuss your progress along the way.
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